Trump May Come Back As Democrats Have Nothing To Offer To The Majority

Oz Zeren
5 min readFeb 12, 2024


Check out the below image…

Biden with workers (Creative Commons)

That’s Biden with union workers doing a photo op a few months earlier. And just a few days ago, he has been saying that ‘labor built America’…

US Federal Reserve says its goal is ‘to get wages down’

…and that’s his Fed Chair, trying to push down wages for everyone by pushing up inflation to make everything more expensive, and while stagnating wages at the same time. All of this is happening in the environment below:

As prices soared and government assistance dwindled, more Americans went hungry in 2022

Homes “unaffordable” in 99% of nation for average American

More Americans turn to living in their cars

More than 26 000 Americans die each year because of lack of health insurance

Whereas, on the foreign policy front, he openly supports and funds a genocidal regime that openly declares that it wants to ethnically cleanse a people and take their land while making some performative statements that evaluate to ‘ the aggressor should take care not to kill too many people’.

He has been elected while promising that ‘nothing would change’ in his term. And he skyrocketed inflation, started two wars, supported a genocide, and is in the process of pushing a war against China.

Democrats Don’t Have Anything To Offer And They Don’t Even Care

The Democrats can’t upset the interests of the rich class that they belong to, and as a result, everything they promised before the election was left to remain as false promises, outright lies.

Anything that upsets the scale of inequality and power to benefit the majority will hurt the extravagant greed of the rich. Anything that harms the power of the rich to accrue imaginary, useless wealth on an increasing scale will cause not only their rich donors to ditch them, but also the media owned by those rich to turn on them. Not to mention that their own wealth that lies in corporate stocks and other investments will take a hit.

And they don’t care. They think that regardless of what they do, you plebs will vote for them if they do some performative politics, some identity politics, and show that they ‘care’ about your issues somewhat. Even as you know they will never ever do anything about any of them.

The incumbent Democratic faction is privileged, out-of-touch aristocrats who are so out of touch with the real world they even screw up entire US foreign policy by following policies that have no footing in the real world but instead in their own beliefs and sentiments.

The same goes for this election and the vote of the public: They will sacrifice them for their own profit, and they will stoop so much as to ‘show some concern’ for the majority’s issues, and the mesmerized plebs will go and vote for them.


There is nothing that the Democrats offer that would motivate the affected majority.

They are poor, overworked, hungry, one month away from homelessness or already working homeless, having to ration medicine and put off going to the hospital, without any hope for the future.

And any kind of ‘hope & change’ bait and switch like the one that was done by Obama as he talked about ‘the Main Street, not the Wall Street’ and then handed over the keys to Goldman Sachs after getting elected is likely to fall way short as the public has been deceived like this three times by now.

Which is why it’s already calculated that Trump will likely win.

The reaction of the Democratic elite and establishment and their hardcore liberal supporters is far more surreal: They scorn and ridicule Trump and his supporters, they talk about how they will make Trump ‘go away’ this time, and how Trump is ‘so horrible’, how everything is ‘so outrageous’ and they think that these actually help their cause and not push the working class away from them.

But the craziest thing they do is try to block Trump from elections or think that if Trump loses, ‘he will go away’ and the Trumpists won’t be a problem anymore.

That’s Delusional

Trump is de facto leader of the Republican Party, and even further, the leader of the general conservative segment in the US.

If he is blocked from the election or somehow loses the primaries, the Republican leader who enters the election will still be Trump’s man or woman, as nobody in the Republican Party can imagine defying him and risking the ire of the Trump supporters who are the dominant spearhead of the conservatives. To start with, in any such situation, the person who wins the Republican primaries would be someone selected by Trump. In fact, trying to obstruct Trump from the elections confirms the beliefs of the Conservatives and mobilizes & galvanizes them further.

Even if Trump is magically gone tomorrow, things don’t change — the segment behind Trump will still keep existing, they won’t just ‘disappear’ or become ‘discouraged’ because Trump went away — instead, they will find another leader to get behind — and easily someone will probably be more extremist than Trump, judging from the current crop of leaders courting their vote.

In the face of this, Democrats have another delirious card to play — going conservative to court the conservative vote, even on some critical issues:

The Democrats’ Hard-Right Turn on Immigration Is a Disaster In Every Way

Going conservative on a critical issue to get the votes of those who would never vote for the Democrats in any case. That’s new. And it will definitely help mobilize disaffected masses for the Democrats.

It Comes Down To The Same Thing At The End

The incumbent Democratic establishment consists of East Coast old-money aristocrats, surrounded by yes men, supported by out-of-touch, well-to-do liberal segments that are similarly out of touch, scornful, and indifferent to the suffering of the majority.

The smaller segments of tech liberals, minorities, and rights groups that are so graciously allowed to exist under the Democratic umbrella don’t seem to be let to have any purpose other than saying yes to the desires of the aristocratic segment even as that segment breaks every promise that it gives to them.

The Democratic Party cannot win elections like this. Even if it magically wins this election, the disaffected majority will keep growing and it will eventually assert its will in later elections, and when that happens, it will be far more heavy-handed as they will have been deceived and hanged out to dry once more.

The only way out for the Democrats seems to be a significant change that will throw out the dominant, incumbent aristocratic segment. And there doesn’t seem to be any sign of that happening so far….



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